Tim Hazelip  & Jean Pierre Pereat 

Avid surfers Timothy Hazelip and Jean Pierre Pereat (aka: JP or Pelican) founded what was originally called the Malibu Under Dogs in 2014. After JP’s nephew William was diagnosed with autism nearly 20 years ago, JP used his passion and knowledge for surfing to take William out on a board and connect with the ocean together. He realized that William was benefiting from their paddle outs when he came back onto shore a calmer and more confident person. Tim and JP saw the change the water could instill in an individual from decades of experience in the ocean, and knew that children and adults could benefit from surf therapy. They took the culture of their beloved city of Malibu and the extraordinary power of the ocean to create what would now become The Mighty Under Dogs.


Ruben James Escalante

Christian Anderson

Sandy Sandbakken 

Chris Banke 

Ben Thompson 

Ben Samuel

Joe Rickabaugh 

Gabe Fimbres

Carolyn Day

Chris Ortega 

Tim Reed

Andy Lyon

Mitt Seely

Patrick Sakae Otsuka 

Steve Lippman

Dave Moore

Michael Davidson

Rachel Lord

Mike Estrada

Sophie Elliott 

Ryan Rustan & Sugar the Surfing Dog

Curt Harper

Jared Somis

Senator Henry Stern

Jeremy Wolf

Brooke Carlson

Shane Jones


William “Bill” Cornick